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No relief in sight

I feel like a caged animal. I can not do anything without worry. While I am out of the house, I look for him in every car or truck that goes by. When I am returning home, I am always afraid that some one is going to be waiting for me when I get there. Two holidays have already been messed up because of him and it appears Christmas will be ruined too.  I have no money and he has all of our Christmas decorations. I have changed so much. It is not fair that he continues to get away with all he has done. He has still paid no money. He has filed more bogus reports. No one will stop him. I do finally have proof in black and white that my local agency is protecting and covering for him.
I am reduced to staying inside the house all the time. I avoid going anywhere if I can help it. How can they continue to allow him to do these cruel things and have no consequence? How can they also get away with the lies in their reports and how can they turn their heads to one of their own breaking the very laws they are all sworn to uphold? Where in the cop's code, or whatever it is called, does it say to protect and serve each other first at the expense of the innocent public and or their spouse? I guess he meant it when he said til death do us part! I just never knew I would really have to die to get free of him! Nothing I do or have done so far has helped. I give up! 

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No relief in sight, posted December 2nd, 2012

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